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Il Turismo Cannabico

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Cannabis as it has never been told

"The definitive guide that goes beyond the coffee shops in Amsterdam. For the adult Italian who has been working, has been smoking joints for years, wants to discover the true culture of marijuana in the world and has no more desire for pain in the ass".

What is a cannabis sommelier? How about a marijuana chef? Where can i find the closest ganja church to my home? What is the "strange" relationship that Jamaicans have with hashish? Find all the answers on these pages.

Thanks to this book you will become a true Marijuana expert. You will discover anecdotes and curiosities about cannabis that no one knows about (and that will allow you to amaze your friends). “Il Turismo Cannabico” is the new revelation book by ALEX TESTA, a traveler to the discovery of knowledge, the most important Italian book dedicated to the culture of cannabis and alternative lifestyles.

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