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Moonrock Guardian

CBD: < 40% | THC: < 0,4 %

Our MoonRock is a legal cannabis light bud covered with a 40% CBD resin and further "floured" with a generous sprinkling of pollen. Available in 1 gram pack. Seedless product.
Sale to minors under the age of 18 prohibited.


It does not contain materials or substances harmful to humans. Hemp biomass from natural Italian crops. Product for technical use not intended for human use. Do not ingest, do not inhale. Keep out of reach of children. It is not a food or medicinal product. Female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L., permitted uses as per law 242/16. THC content below the legal limits.
Sale to minors under the age of 18 prohibited.


They have an appearance very similar to a nugget, this is precisely because they are basically nothing but cannabis inflorescences. Evocative is the name used to identify them which from English means "moonstone". The appearance of the Moon Rocks is therefore basically rounded, at times linear alternating with small asperities that recall the same lunar surface. Observing them, one is immediately catapulted into space, in close contact with the immense lunar craters covered with rocks, often accompanied by small stones perfectly recognizable with shades of green and brown, the same as those of Moon Rocks. This cannabis derivative is therefore a now dried female inflorescence, wrapped in concentrated oils, which the most common are undoubtedly CO2, BHO and ROSIN just to name a few examples, subsequently covered by a generous sprinkling of marijuana pollen. , the so-called kief. The valuable composition that distinguishes the Moon Rocks does not simply grant the product an unusual and original aspect but a global fame that has always preceded them, thus representing a delicacy, appreciated for years now especially by true "cannabis lovers".


The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this genetics. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another. Despite this variability, Gardajoint guarantees the legality of all individual batches as the THC on all products marketed is analyzed daily.

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