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Gardajoint Charas

CBD+CBD-A:< 10% | THC: < 0,5 %

Our Charas is a high quality product and requires the use of first choice inflorescences, the extraction method used is Dry Sift (cold beating).
The aroma of this extract is intense with the incensed notes characteristics of the super pollen of the past, a real treat for fans of the genre.
Sale to minors under the age of 18 prohibited.

It does not contain materials or substances harmful to humans. Hemp biomass from natural Italian crops. Product for technical use not intended for human use. Do not ingest, do not inhale. Keep out of reach of children. It is not a food or medicinal product. Female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L., permitted uses as per law 242/16. THC content below the legal limits.
Sale to minors under the age of 18 prohibited. 



Charas is a type of cannabis extract. It is a particular handmade hashish native to the regions of Asia, especially India, Pakistan and Nepal. Like most cannabis extracts, this concentrate is also produced by separating trichomes from the plant matter of marijuana plants. Trichomes are small growths that form thick layers of clear, sticky crystals on cannabis flowers (and to a lesser extent on stems and leaves). 

The main difference between hashish and charas is that the latter it is extracted from fresh inflorescences (freshly cut or on plants still alive), while hashish is produced with dead and dried inflorescences and plant parts. In addition, the charas is extracted with the hand rubbing technique (we will explain what it consists of later), while the hashish is produced using different extraction methods: dry sieving, ice and water with Ice-O-Lator bags. and other more or less sophisticated techniques.

Charas is normally sold in balls or sticks and assumed with chillum, particular pipes with straight and conical shapes traditionally used by Hindu monks (also known as sadhus). Across the Indian continent and many other parts of the world, cannabis has played a significant role in spiritual and religious practices. Charas, most of all, has played a central role in many Hindu religious rituals and practices.

The Shaivs (a Hindu sect that worship Shiva, their supreme God) depict their divinity in the act of smoking a chillum and their rituals develop under the banner of charas. Usually, they follow a particular ritual which consists of charging a chillum by naming some of the many names of Shiva, and then lighting the brazier worshiping the deity.

It is also produced and consumed outside India, in countries such as Pakistan and Nepal. However, the most famous charas is the one from India.



The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this genetics. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another. Despite this variability, Gardajoint guarantees the legality of all individual batches as the THC on all products marketed is analyzed daily.

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